Let's Play Halo CE Custom Campaign: Project Lumoria Pt. 1

Author: TheTruCommentator
Welcome to my play-through of the Halo: Custom Edition custom campaign, Lumoria. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to subscribe, share, comment, and favorite. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lumoria -- an Original Halo CE Campaign Released The TM Mapping team has released the final version of their fully custom and original Halo Custom Edition single player campaign for the Halo Custom Edition game. The campaign features an updated episode one, with new cinematic content a secondary story line told through the use of hidden terminals and four new campaign levels comprising episode two. Also included is a replacement User Interface (UI) Map file that allows you to load the campaign from within the normal game and without using the game's text console. So embark on a journey to the Forerunner world of Lumoria where the UNSC frigate "The Endless Horizon" must rescue a scientific research crew studying the planet. You play as May, a female SPARTAN II super soldier, and accompanied by highly trained ODSTs, lead by Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Keiffer you must rescue the science team and discover the secrets and dangerous truths of the mysterious planet Lumoria. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download Links: Halomaps.org: Moddb.com: Project Lumoria Homepage: SEE YA!