Assorted Animations - 2 Assault Rifles and a PR

Author: t3hlag
Featuring the same motions that everyone has known by heart for the past 2.5+ years. But hey, at least I got to break in my ODST model's FP rig (which seems to hold up pretty well, with the exception of the wonky finger offset in the PR. That set was done on a weird H2 FP rig anyway, so I didn't expect it to import perfectly onto something else). I kinda like what I came up with for the PR pose... the vent-stick thingy clashes on the glow of the interior but a little bloom or some particles could hide that in-game. Dano did a really amazing job on the later stuff he did for the team; that PR is one of my favorite weapons just because of how it looks. Oh well. One of these days I'll make something cool and unique. The first AR is for CMT, the second is for Mr. Chrizler34. The PR is CMT's as well.