Almost New Stuff - H1 Sniper and Elite FP

Author: t3hlag
With a new FP rig comes a new lease on life and new opportunities to use the load/save animation tools in 3DS. Have I hit a new low of laziness? Perhaps. I tried to correct a few of the problems in the earlier incarnation of this AR set (yes, the human version got the same changes). Rossmum suggested that I make the bolt push more like a flick than a... push, which I was not so successful in doing looking back on it. I tried, at least. The Sniper's bolt push was loosely based on the one that the BR had in H2's E3 2003 demo, and I am very happy with it. Maybe it's a little too forceful but I prefer style over realism. To a degree. Maybe I don't and that's just a BS excuse. I know that sometimes the origin changes slightly between the ready and idle animations - oh well. Ingame it doesn't show up, I just wasn't too hot on the idea or re-rendering 100 frame animations to fix it. Expect to see the Elite stuff showing up in a tag release sometime soon - I've been working hard to get my CMT content ready for public open-source release since the team called it quits.