Animating with Teh Lag - SMG redux; Elite Energy Sword

Author: t3hlag
Let's jump on this motion-blur bandwagon. After becoming reacquainted with the Halo 2 FP arms for my tutorial a few days back, I decided on a whim to give my old SMG animations an overhaul. At the same time, I had just finished rigging the H3 Elite FP to the bones of my custom CMT Elite's FP, and I wanted to get another set out of the way for the first official release my Elite project. So, here we are. I planned to do a real-time narration for the animation of both sets, but I forgot to record the SMG at all and the Sword just didn't work out well. I'll try to do it for the next thing I animate. But, since I didn't, here's a little treat for you all to nibble on...