Happy birthday to me - and you! (Character animation WIPs)

Author: t3hlag
I found myself inspired by the demo reel of one of the guys who animated for Halo Wars (see: ) - and wow holy crap he found this and commented on it oh man I'm getting all flustered whooo!! So anyhow I decided to have some fun and make a few quick animations using stuff from my folders of stuff and I put it up the day after my birthday for some reason or other. This was all WIP but I'd like to hear any comments about what could make some of the motions less awkward and more believable. (This is more about "the leg moves too fast" and not so much "it'd be cooler if the Spartan did a backflip".) I'm not so comfortable with character animation and this was a really nice learning experience for me. I've even started to adapt this bizarre practice called "blocking out" to try and plan my stuff ahead of time. Hopefully you all can help me make higher-quality pieces in the future... if there is a future.