CMT Elite Playable Biped (Beta 2.0) Tag Pack Release!

Author: t3hlag
Yep. It's all here folks! Also be sure to grab the update at: This release includes: -The bipeds and their required tags -Numerous FP arms and animations -Converted H2 player dialogue -Modded damage_effects for all weapons such that Elites take the same damage as Cyborgs -Source files (.max version 8) for the FP and 3P animations rigs used to make the animations for this project. It also includes a handful of goodies that I have polished up for the purpose of this release. The following non-standard weapons are included, which have been substantially cleaned up since CMT broke apart: -CMT Covenant Carbine -CMT Sentinel Beam -CMT SMG -CMT Sniper -CMT Spiker -H2/CMT Brute Shot The following weapons are supported in first-person: -H1 Assault Rifle -H1 Energy Sword (uses stock 3p model's node setup; stock 3p model is compatible in FP) -H1 Flag -H1 Flamethrower (edited 3p model supplied) -H1 Oddball -H1 Pistol (edited fp model supplied) -H1 Plasma Cannon (edited fp model supplied) -H1 Plasma Pistol -H1 Plasma Rifle -H1 Rocket Launcher (edited fp model supplied) -H1 Shotgun -H1 Sniper Rifle -CMT Covenant Carbine (all tags supplied) -CMT Sentinel Beam (all tags supplied) -CMT SMG (all tags supplied) -CMT Sniper Rifle (all tags supplied) -CMT Spiker (all tags supplied) -H2/CMT Brute Shot (all tags supplied) -H2 Battle Rifle (models/textures supplied) The following permutations are present for first-person: -Minor -Major -Ultra The following permutations are present for third-person: -Combat Minor -Combat Major -Combat Ultra -Combat Specops -Honor Guard (incomplete textures - to be finished for final release) -Heretic Minor -Heretic Major -Heretic Minor w/Fins (incomplete textures - to be finished for final release) -Heretic Major w/ Fins (incomplete textures - to be finished for final release) -Assault Minor -Assault Major -Assault Ultra -Unarmored -??? I've also included updated Cyborg FP animations for: -CMT Spiker -CMT SMG -CMT Plasma Cannon Lastly, I've also included some miscellaneous thingies: -H1 Sniper HUD with fixed angle-tick scrolling -H1 AR with Xbox's Multi Map -Plasma Grenade with unique throwing sound It also includes basic AI actor_variants set up to use these bipeds. --------------------------------------------------------------------