Questionable Effort: Beam Rifle - Human and Elite

Author: t3hlag
THE HISTORIC EXCHANGE THAT SET THIS IN MOTION: DarkHalo003: "Will you ever do a Beam Rifle that actually looks nice and works right in HCE? Just a simple qustion." teh lag: "Maybe later." ...Later is now. This took ~3 hours to make, and by now I'm a total pro dude when it comes to reusing animations so once I had the set done it took only a few minutes to apply it to the other arms. Render overnight and boom! New video to show everyone! Oh I also turned down the motion blur because the more I think about it, it was kind of ridiculous in my last render video. There's a lot I want to do for my next release so I can't give a solid date... but before any of that I really want to finish the nearly year-overdue conclusion to the BR tutorial, so I guarantee the next video I upload will be something for that.