Ingame Footage - Tag-Pack Update: Beam Rifle; Assorted Spartan Animations

Author: t3hlag
Yep, check it all out: As for this video: my laziness truly knows no bounds. Not a single piece of new work to be seen in all of it (well, except the Beam Rifle tags). If all goes well I will indeed have this update out on the 1st, which will include more than a few other things I've been working on since the last beta release. (I also want to note this here as well as in the annotations: the BRG is a strange weapon to tag and, as such, only the animations will be in the tag-pack release - I don't want to subvert my team's efforts by making my own version of it) Of course, the revival of CMT has somewhat changed my plans - I won't be able to release all the things I wanted to, as my commitments to the team are more important to me than cleaning up and releasing assets that the team is going to be heavily modifying again anyway. But don't worry too much, as I'm sure that what I *will* be able to release by the summer's end will be satisfying