CMT Elite Playable Biped Tag-Pack Update!

Author: t3hlag
Get it here! The update: The original, if you don't have it (you need it for this): The Halomaps thread: The Halomods thread: Also be sure to check out 032_Mendicant_Bias' H3 Elite tags, which were also released today and which are designed to be used with this tag-pack: And lastly, if you're too lazy to download and see what's in the update, here it is anyway: FP ARMS -CMT Elite minor (fixed rigging issues) -CMT Elite ultra (fixed rigging issues) -H3 Elite -H2 Elite -H2 Arbiter -Combined FP Arms animation rig .max file ADDED ELITE FP SUPPORT -CMT BRG -CMT AR -CMT Spartan Laser -CMT Plasma Pistol -H2 Beam Rifle -Updated nearly every existing Elite FP animation ADDED CYBORG FP ANIMATIONS -CMT BRG -CMT/H2 Brute Shot -H2 Battle Rifle -H2 Beam Rifle ADDED WEAPONS -H2 Beam Rifle MISC CONTENT -Old CMT Jackals -CMT up-scaled Hunters -CMT Flood armored Elite -CMT Flood armored Human MISC HUD CONTENT -Updated the custom items string_list and icons bitmap