CMT SPV3 - Hunter Shielding Behavior

Author: t3hlag
Yes, just like in Reach. Or perhaps, "Just Like in Reach"™. The creativity deficit here at CMT strikes again! This behavior is accomplished by setting the shielding-poses to be in the unit's "flee" animation state, and then having the actors use the "flee" state when they berserk or get close to an enemy. Some visuals (especially the Hunters, bleh - expect them to be significantly re-worked before you see them up-close again) and gameplay-related stuff (like weapon behavior and damage and all that - everything is constantly changing) are incomplete and subject to change. In particular, the weapon used by the Hunters isn't going to replace their traditional ones so don't freak out about that (in fact wasn't some early version of that one in the SPv2 betas?) Weapon animations are WIP by ODX - as such please excuse some of their awkward motions and the lack of perfectly synchronized sound (since there's no sense in making sounds for animations that are going to change soon anyway). As for the map, it's a silly testbed developed to make it easier to test weapon balance and effects at various ranges. And if you're somehow selectively blind and didn't see the title, this is for the CMT SPv3 mod for Halo CE. Check it out -