CMT SPV3 - More Hunter Stuff

Author: t3hlag
"It needs to be more like the other Halo games!!" - me The alt melee will hopefully spice things up a little; in the meantime I also refined some of the AI's behavior and the beam weapon (which has never worked quite right). I know some people asked for a backwards-oriented melee as is present in other games but it's just not feasible. H1's animation and AI systems really only let AIs direct melees forwards; one that point backwards would have to be randomly inserted with the others which could have... interesting side-effects. As for the other stuff in this video: -Sniper is my model, ODX's animations (Wait didn't I already say this) -Spiker is Doom's model + Dano's skin, ODX's animations, and a combination of tag-work and effects from myself and Ifafudafi. You can get an earlier version of its tags in my Elite Tagpack beta if you like what you see!! -Crate is all Dano's. It's made a few appearances in the backgrounds of other stuff but now, for the first time, you can see it in all its... crate-y... action!