CMT SPv3 - The Pistol

Author: t3hlag
Wow so this was uploaded later than planned. Bob has an ingame preview of the weapon here: . Check it out if you haven't seen it yet! ...These animations are pretty bare-bones. The ready is quite fast but that's in hopes of giving the weapon a slight edge over the larger ones - fast draw time is at least enough of an attraction that 343i did it for the pistol in Halo 4... (These animations were actually made back in June/July before we know that H4 would be doing that, so don't go crying about copying either!!!) I collaborated with ODX on them - especially on the melees, where the first and third versions are mostly his. (Of course the crap-tastic second one is mine - I'm honestly thinking of cutting it out entirely). More stuff like this to come. Probably.