Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 223: fox_island_INSANE

Author: TapeCity
Today's map is fox_island_INSANE The Map was made by: CABOOSE2 Master Fail Description: A Fox Island Varient full of weapons Game types: Slayer is best but CTF and oddball might be fun too. Weapons
AK 47 benelli shotgun beam rifle C4 Halo 3 assault rifle CMT pistol M16 Walther PPK M600 MA2B assault rifle MPK5s P226 (soccom pistol) RF railgun SG-14 USP M12 Chaingun X-7 sniper rifle Dual TM-14s Halo 3 battle rifle colt 1911 Dual magnums M60 Turret gun from UMT Blastor Staff MM-Ma2rDAR MM-HKUSP-H L82 P90 BOMB Assault Rifle modded Dual SMG MAGNUM test gun (staff V2) Spiker (Devmode Only) SSG (Devmode Only) H2 assault rifle (Devmode Only)
M-SMG (Devmode Only) Vehicles
ATV Transportation HOG RAVHOG Bulldog Doozy Pelican (Devmode Only) AI
Spartan Bipeds hidden in various places Scenery
Lots of things. Download link: