Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 43: treehouse

Author: TapeCity
This is the replacement video for episode 43. It is a little shorter but still shows off all the things there are. The new video is to show the stumper rifle's secondary fire. One bug I have with this video is it looks like it has some lag. (movie maker trouble). Today's map is treehouse The Map was made by: ²MõD²Wrath Description: A giant tree you can climb! It also has a treehouse ans lots of custom weapons and vehicles from standard to heavy. Game types: All game types work. The map maker recommend that you play all 5 game types Weapons Halo 2 Beam Rifle AR-15 Missile Launcher Shotgun XM8 Plasma Assualt Rifle with Fuel Rod Launcher M12 portable Warthog Turret RF Railgun M249 Squad Auto Halo 2 Gravity Rifle XM8 Assualt Rifle with GrenadeLauncher Assualt Rifle Pancor Jackhammer Automatic Shotgun AK-47 Bomb Needler Fuel Rod Gun Flamethrower Rocket Launcher m16a2-m203 grenadier rifle Stumper Rifle Big Sniper mod: new fireing sound, cant pick up more ammo (do not use the scope!) Fragmentation Grenades Plasma Grenades Pistol Sniper rifle The starting weapon from hypo. Vehicles Jetpack: Might be faster in reverse M12 Warthog M12A2 Warthog Banshee Halo 3 Hornet Halo 2 Shadow Scenery trees, small bases along beach, and some rocks. Plus one BIG tree that you can climb up! The tree contains a treehouse. Download link: Special thanks to Noob Saibot for recording the sniper rifles, pistol, starting weapon, stunper rifle, grenades and re-recording the rocket and missile launchers in the original tree house movie. (he did not record anything on the new one)