Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 261: Heavy_ChaosCanyon

Author: TapeCity
"I bet Cylons wouldn't have this problem" is from a Minecraft crash report. Today's map is Heavy_ChaosCanyon
The Map was made by: Mohamad-Germany and Deutscher Description: A danger canyon mod with heavy chaos weapons. Game types: CTF is best for never ending battles Weapons (all have a 2x/8x scope and ginormous ammo clips)
Modded Plasma Pistol: Shoots super fast plasma
Modded Battle Rifle: Shoots Tank Rounds.
Mkii pistol: shoots rockets at a fast pace
Modded Plasma Rifle: Shoots ???
Sniper Jackal Shield: Shoots Tank rounds
Buggy SMG: Shoots Missiles
Modded Huge A** Assault Rifle: Shoots rockets as primary, secondary is not modded.
Modded Big Sniper: Faster Rate of Fire.
Modded Rail Gun: Fires ???
Laser Cannon: Shoots Lasers like crazy!
Modded Shotgun: Shoots mass Fuel rods in a wide cluster.
Modded Needler: Shoots ???
Modded Fuel Rod Gun: shoots mass clusters of fuel rods in a tight radius
Atom Bomb Launcher: This is suicide!
Modded energy Sword: Shoots C4 charges.
Tank rounds and C4 charge for grenades
Modded Sniper Rifle: Shoots mass Tank rounds, Rate of fire is faster
Modded Rocket Launcher: Shoots mass rockets Vehicles
Modded M12 Warthog Turret: Shoots ??? (laggy)
Pelican: (un modded)
Modded M13C2 Warthog: Shoot and drive, Missiles are more powerful, Speed and rate of fire have increased.
Modded M12A2 Turret (devmode only): Shoots mass amounts of Rockets
Heavy Scorpion: (un modded)
Modded Helicopter (devmode only): Chain guns shoot tank rounds, missiles unmodded)
Modded Mythos (devmode only): Rate of fire and speed were increased
Modded Bird: Plasma replaced with rockets, Fuel rods replaced with nukes, Speed is faster. AI
NONE Scenery
Classic Danger canyon scenery Download link: