Halo CE - [h3] Odst Bloodgulch [HD] [1/2] - Multiplayer Gameplay

Author: StormUndBlackbird
Welcome to my next Halo Custom Edition map gameplay. This time we have [h3] Odst Bloodgulch. *Cricket concert*. Yes, I know, it seems that most of you aren't fans of remakes from original maps anymore, but this is a little exception. I am sane this time, this map is fun, despite its map of choice. To wrap up my description, I've discovered one problem to this map, which really, on behalf of the Lord's name, should be gone. With that said, on to the gameplay with you ;-) Download: Author: slypknot
(No possible contact information has been found) Music used for the intro: Gunther - I'm Your Man - Players:
Me -
Deadangel (Host) -