Halo CE - The Great Infestation -beta- [HD] [1/4]

Author: StormUndBlackbird
Here's yet another masterpiece from Noble Power, which made The Fall of the Resistance, The Last Capital Ship and Sudden Conflict. Maps from them are well-known for its scripts and for this map, it's a horrific one, that everyone should try out with caution ;-) Author: {NP} Zaelot, {NP} Mapping Team
Release date: 04/23/2012
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Download: Music used for the intro:
Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow - Additional audio was provided by the map maker into his/their map. To get this map started, open dev-mode and run Halo CE. In the menu, type ~ or ^ (for EU keyboards) and type in:
map_name(space)(name of the map in your map folder or list)
map_name the_great_infestation