Halo CE Firefight - Mud Skirmish [HD] [1/2]

Author: StormUndBlackbird
Welcome to my new installment of my Halo CE series. Everyone knows it, everyone loves it, so I'm guessing you know what it is... it's mother f*cking Firefight that is! This first map of choice is Mud Skirmish, suggested by Xoronatus7. In this gameplay, you'll see: - Covenant
- Lots of dead covenant
- A romance between an ODST and his PP
- A riot made by a grunt and his big PP
- A Lie
- And of course, a trash talkin', ass whopin' and a candy arse firefight To get this map started, open dev-mode and run Halo CE. In the menu, type ~ or ^ (for EU keyboards) and type in:
map_name(space)(name of the map in your map folder or list)
map_name mud_skirmish Author: onotix
Developement Mode: