ScarabTest2 (Read Description)

Author: MatthewDratt
Let me explain what I have in mind. My first scarab test was an AI with a scarab gun. Whenever you pop out of cover it would blast at you, but this got incredibly repetitive in testing. Get out of cover, wait 5 seconds, move, wait 5 seconds, move, wait, ect. The elite is a scarab. Just imagine that. He's not an elite, he's a scarab. The elite is just easier to work with in testing. In this video I made the beam constant with cover along a wall. The player would have 2-3 objectives that would help bring the scarab beam to a halt. In this video my objective is to get to each end of the walls (It's just a test right now). But as the beam passes by, the scenery/protection in the front will get destroyed, so the player has to move fast and quick before all of his cover is gone. In this test the cover doesn't get destroyed.
I feel like this will work out better since the player has a feel of urgency and fast pacing in contrast to my first test. Of course things like sound, effects, ect can all be worked on at a later date. And of course there is going to be a reason why the scarab beam is firing like that (No it wont be under construction). Gameplay concept thoughts? TD:E Thread: