Halo CE - House of the Dead [HD] [1/4] - Multiplayer Gameplay

Author: StormUndBlackbird
Welcome to my next Halo Custom Edition map gameplay. This time we have House of the Dead, which is a mod of Black Crypt's BC Spooky Hollow. With some custom content and some Guerrilla editing. This map now features grittier textures and an arsenal that consists mostly of CMT SPV3 weapons. It's all fun and great, but this map has ANNOYING problems in it, which will be explained in the last part, as usual. With that said, on to the loud, horrific gameplay with you ;-) Download: Authors: ReconNinja117

And Echo-77

Music used for the intro:
Treyarch/Elena Siegman - Lullaby For A Dead Man - Players:
Me -
Deadangel (Host) -