Caustics Working in Halo CE

Author: higuy8000
Caustics in CE If you want to know how it works:
I essentially made a cubemap consisting of the same caustics texture on all 6 sides, then used two light (.light tag) animated in different ways (You add the cube + animation in the gel section). You also have to make sure its pretty big, is dynamic, and both cutoff angles are 180 (Not exactly sure, but this is how the b30 gel is set up.) If you notice under the gel section in the light there is two cubemaps you can add. For whatever reason, you can't have both at the same time and is pretty much essential to get what you want. So thats why you gotta use both, and just attach both to a scenery file. If you want to look for more reference look up the b30 folder levels\b30\devices\interior-tech-objects\holo control room display.