Halo CE - House of the Dead [HD] [4/4] - Multiplayer Gameplay

Author: StormUndBlackbird
Thanks for watching till the end, even after such angry issues ;-) As said from part one, I'll now explain the problems of this map. 1. No-Shields issue
F*cking hell, this made me angry the most. No gametype features any shield at all. Who the hell came up with this idea??? Even though the description says: "...a good amount of health...", which is bull! I don't understand Halo without its shields concept. Either way, the only thing that scared me off in this map was that, good job authors! (All on core modes I mean. In zombies, it's a whole nother story, but the shields should have been there from the start) 2. Machine gun
I'm not sure how to describe this, even with or without shields, this weapon seems too overpowered. I never liked machine guns, gatling guns or even Rambo's guns, in Halo maps, since they all seems to be screwed up. I don't see the point of nerfing it though, I want it to be removed from the scene. Alright, this gameplay was kinda a fail, but I still state the problems clearly. Once the problems are gone, this map can be for people, who love the CMT style of play or just want to be Luigi in a mansion. Download: Authors: ReconNinja117

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