Halo PC | Project Lumoria: Let's Play! (Part 3) // Halo Custom Edition

Author: Halo PC Central - Wangtime: The Reclaimer
►Safe, today is the third part of my Halo: Project Lumoria let's play!, Project Lumoria is a fan made campaign made for Halo Custom Edition on PC. The download to Lumoria is below! Safe! "Embark on a journey to the Forerunner world of Lumoria where the UNSC frigate "The Endless Horizon" must rescue a scientific research crew studying the planet. You play as May, a female SPARTAN II super soldier, and accompanied by highly trained ODSTs, lead by Gunnery Sergeant Brandon Keiffer you must rescue the science team and discover the secrets and dangerous truths of the mysterious planet Lumoria." Got any questions?:
►Ask me anything in the comments and i'll try and answer. Download Halo: Project Lumoria Here!
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