Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 333: covenant_desert

Author: TapeCity - Save our Tape!
video uploaded on 10/21/13 and on hold till now :P if you haven't heard the MAJOR NEWS: Today's map is covenant_desert
The Map was made by: Gecko Description: A Hugea** variant. A very large desert with two Forerunner hangars invaded by the Covenant. play as an elite Game types: all work but team games are best Weaopns
Halo 2 Energysword
Halo 3 Beam Rifle
Halo 2 Plasma Rifle
Modded Halo 1 Fuel Rod Gun - Halo halo 3 Fuel Rods and sounds
Big Sniper
Assault Rifle
Gecko Gun
Frag and Plasma Grenades Halo 2 Banshee with speed boost and tricks (can be destroyed)
Halo 3 Green Phantom
Halo 2 Ghost with speed boost (can be destryed)
Halo 2 Spector with speed boost
Halo 3 Wraith with Speed Boost
Halo 3 Anti Air Wraith (object_create_anew)
Halo 2 Scarab (object_create_anew) AI
2 Hugea** SpartansScenery Download link: