Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 336: Hillbilly Mudbog

Author: TapeCity - Save our Tape!
Today's map is Hillbilly Mudbog
The Map was made by: Slap Happy Description: A mountain valley race track and hill climb complete with Monster Hogs, ATV's, Dune Buggies's and Water Hawgs Game types: Race is best but team slayer, team oddball may be interesting too Weapons
Modded Rocket launcher - says "kick a**" Hypo's USP
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Modded Halo 2 Battle Riffle - has sniper rifle animations
Football and beer Frag grenades Vehicles
Waterhog (possible RPChog mod?) - shoots blasts of water that look like fuel rods
Monster Hog - comes in brown and green variants
Halo 2 Monngoose - can shoot and throw grenades while driving
Stationary Water Cannon - an M12A2 warthog cannon that shoots water Other things
health packs that are whiskey!
Teleporters that look like beer (or bean) cans ( i cant tell for sure)
REAL outhouses! - complete with toilet paper Download link: