Halo CE - Optic App's sounds changed to Quake/Unreal Tournament sounds [HD]

Author: StormUndBlackbird
"Optic is a extension for Halo which provides Halo Reach style Killstreak/Multikill medals and sounds.
It also has client-sided stats tracking." - App's description The Optic App from sehé°° is a b3ast. Everyone should try it out ^^ For those, who have tried this app already, you'd always get excited about hearing the Reach style sounds, right? Well since I've listened to them long enough, I was thinking of turning the tables a little bit. The memories of Unreal Tournament rose. I got myself the announcer sounds from the original game, converted them to WAV and renamed them to the names of the current sounds of the Optic App. I never thought it would work on the first try that easily lol. But I'm really happy with what came out ^^ GET THE OPTIC APP NAO: