SPV3 Mod For Halo Custom Edition

Author: TheKleanupCrew
If you would like to play this mod here is a step by step list of what you need and to install (In order so you can't mess up) 1. Get a PC version of Halo Combat Evolved, You won't find it on Steam or any other digital distribution service, you will have to get a physical copy.
2. Get Halo Custom Edition, this version of the game has mod support but requires an installation of Halo Combat Evolved.
3. Install Patch 1.09 for Halo Custom Edition 4. Install Open Sauce
5. Install SPV3 (The Links are under the "LINKS!!!!" section) 6. Unpack the map with either WinRar, then place the map in the C: Program Files x(86) Microsoft Games, Halo Custom Edition, Maps, (The map is named a50.yelo or a50.map, whichever one you downloaded.) 7. Right click on the short cut on your desktop for Halo Custom edition and go to the shortcut tab and type "-console" at the very end of the target field. It should look like "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Halo Custom Edition\haloce.exe" -console 8. After all that work you should be ready. Startup Halo and enter a tilde the ~ key under the Esc key to open up the console and type...
map_name a50