Halo Custom Edition Maps - Episode 10: [halo4 Reach]re Prisoner!

Author: JD The Tank
Hey guys! Welcome to the map "[halo4 Reach]re Prisoner"!
A Prisoner variant with a bunch of custom weapons such as: custom Plasma Pistol, H3 style AR, H3 style Rocket Launcher, two Halo: Reach style snipers, CMT style BR, Halo: Reach style Energy Sword, H3 Carbine, H3 Beam Rifle a Halo: Reach style DMR! The map is also re-textured to look a lot more detailed than the original "Prisoner". You also play as a Halo: Reach Spartan (Noble 6). Map Download Link: Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed this video don't forget to smash that like button ! Leave a comment below on what you thought of the map or video and feel free to subscribe for more content like Halo CE, Custom Zombies much, much more! Facebook: Twitter: