Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 346: measure_me

Author: TapeCity - Save our Tape!
Today's map is measure_me
The Map was made by: ²MõD²Wrath Description: a small map with 2 scales for measuring objects File Notes: This map was created to measure onjects in sapian or in game. Sapian works better. there is a 100 unit scale and a 10 unit scale. for halo map makers we know halo is measured in units. master chief is about 70 units tall, a wart hog is 100 units wide, 200 units long and about 110 units high. you can measure trees, teleporters, vehicles, weapons. Anything within halos realm. This scale will help in knowing how big to build a hog garage or pretty much anything you can think of. Map makers and those who know sapian and use sapian will find this scale usfull. Also the bars on scale are climbable. you will live at 500 units but die at 700 units. bloodguclh base to blood gulch base is about 10,000 units. Ive takin the liberty and used the extra area for a working playable map. Game types: Race, Ctf ,Oddball, King and Slayer. All work excellent. ²MõD²Wrath recommend's playing all 5. Weapons
Assault Rifle
Frag and Plasma Grenades
Sniper Rifle
Rocket Launcher
Fuel Rod Gun
Star Wars Pistol
BIG Sniper (Scope is exception prone don't use the scope) Vehicles
Modded M12 Warthog: has a horn
Modded Shade: faster rate of fire
Modded M12A2 Warthog: has a horn AI
NONE Scenery
Measuring things for saipen Download link: