Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 353: bloodgulch_mix

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is bloodgulch_mix
The Map was made by: Arturo Mendoza Orozco Description: a blood gulch variant with one side featuring human weapons/vehicles and the other side featuring covenant weapons/vehicles Game types: Weapons
Sniper Rifle
Bubble shield
Frag and Plasma grenades
Halo 3? Shotgun (a mod of the halo1 version to look like a halo 3)
Plasma Pistol
Dual mp5k (VERY LOUD)
Halo 2 Battle Rifle
Halo 2 Covenant Carbine
Energy Sword
M24 sniper rifle RPG
Fuel rod gun Vehicles
M12A2 Warthog
M12 Warthog
Wasp (no secondary fire)
Halo 2 Wraith - Why does it sound like a ghost?!?
Halo 2 Shadow
Hertic banshee AI
NONE Scenery
Same as the original Download link: