Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 354: rainbow-road-v4

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Due to a copyrighted song the audio was disabled while i was editing the video. WARNING!!! DONT use the scopes for ANY weapon or you will crash!!! Today's map is rainbow-road-v4
The Map was made by: ~USSS~Bladez Description: A rainbowroad varient with AI bots Game types: race is best. Weapons
Frag Plasma grenades
Dual ??? Pistols
Halo 2 Dual SMGs
Halo 2 Dual Pistols
Rocket Launcher
Halo 2 Sniper Rifle
Fuel Rod Gun Vehicles (some may be devmode only)
M12G1 Wartgog
Passenger Ghost
Heavy Scorpion
T51 Skyhawk
Longsword AI
Hunters Scenery
None Download link: