Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 355: Hotzone

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is Hotzone
The Map was made by: (DA)Ender Description: a BIG map. Game types: all work except race, race causes an exception error Weapons
BIG Sniper
SRSS Nyegen 48 Pistol
C58 Phoenix Shotgun
Homing Rocket Launcher
SG14 Sniper Rifle
M789 Sniper Rifle
S2 AM Sniper Rifle
Tactile Bomb
Plasma and Frag Grenades Vehicles
T51 skyhawk (a varient of the coldsnap jet or a beta?
Assault Pelican
Broadsword Fighter (a varient of the longsword or a beta?)
KargoTank (yay its colored :D )
M808 Scorpion (from extinction?)
M13C2 Warthog
Mythos Scarab ( beta?)
and a secert vehicle (good luck finding it) AI
NONE Scenery
Too Much to list Download link: