Halo Custom Edition Map Showcase Episode 7: Original Single Player Campaigns

Author: The Vengeful 'Vadam
Salutations! Today, we have yet another episode of Custom Edition Map Showcase, this time covering \"Original Single Player Campaigns!\" This means the maps we'll be going over today aren't merely mods to an already-existing Combat Evolved Campaign. These campaigns feature entirely new playspaces, cutscenes and story lines never seen before in the Halo franchise. If and ONLY IF, you enjoyed this video, hit the like button and subscribe for more Halo content on this channel! This is The Vengeful 'Vadam, and I'll see YOU on The Great Journey!\n\nDiscord link: me on Twitter! used:\n\nDMT-Air: series: Lumoria: Pre-Release: : Coming Soon\n\nAltSierra117's channel: