How to Install Halo CE SPV3 on PC!

Author: MrMario2011
Halo SPV3, short for Single Player Version 3, is a complete overhaul and retooling of the original Halo: Combat Evolved release on PC. It utilizes Halo Custom Edition as well as Open Sauce to allow the game to be played in an entirely new experience. I've played a bit of this mod so far and have been incredibly impressed with it, so I decided to share it with you all in the form of a tutorial!\n\nHalo SPV3 Subreddit (Look for the Latest Download):\n on Vidme!\n Channel!\n Me on Twitter!\n on Facebook!\n Me on Instagram!\n on Google+\n Music\nArtist: HKFiftyOne\nSong: Stardust\nLink: Music\nArtist: HOVERBOOTS\nSong: One\nSource: NoCopyrightSounds\nLink: : : :