Halo CE Custom Edition Windows 10 how to add console command + Shitty Gameplay!

Author: PeskyRex
This is just a little tutorial on how to add console command on halo Custom Edition followed up with some multiplayer gameplay.\n\nHalo CE download : Fix For Windows 10 : \n hai , if you are reading this then thank you , this means that you are one of a very few people who have the knowledge to know ummm..... To do stuffz .\n\nRemember to like , dislike , comment , don't comment , Subscribe , Unsubscribe, and whatever !\n\nTwitter : PeskyRex\nFacebook : PeskyRex\nSteam: PeskyRex\nGoogle Plus : PeskyRex\n\n\nXbox 360/Xbox Live : PeskyRex\n( Soon I will be getting an Xbox One )\nPC: PeskyRex