Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 360: Insomnia_map

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
BE SURE TO READ THE WARNING ON HAOPMAPS ABOUT THE SECRET ROOM!!!\n\nToday's map is Insomnia_map\nThe Map was made by: GAIGHER\n\nDescription: a halo 2 style map.\n\nGame types: all work\n\nWeapons\nh2 covenant carbine\nh2 sentinel bem\nh2 frag grenade\nh2 plasma grenade\nh2 sniper rifle\nh3 pistol\nh2 beam rifle\nh3 plasma rifle\nh2 brute shot\nh2 smg\nma5k\nenergy sword\nh2 needler \n\n\nVehicles\nhalo 2 gun turret\nh2 ghost\n\nAI\nNone\n\nScenery\nMoveable Covenant crates\n\nDownload link:\n