Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 362: mark_of_shame

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is mark_of_shame\nThe Map was made by: Mythril and Kaos\n\nDescription: A map with two waterfalls with bases and you start in the middle.\n\nGame types: all should work CTF is best\n\nWeapons\nGrenade Launcher that shoots plasma grenades\nGrenade Launcher that shoots Frag grenades\nSM-2K0: Sniper rifle that shoots big sniper rounds, Badly textured\n2 tone energy sword\nGreen glow Needler\nOrange Glow needler with sinking needles\nGlow Needler\nRed Glow Needler with possible homing needles\nYellow Glow Needler\nWhite Glow Needler\nPurple Glow Needler\nLandmine?\nBeam Rifle (scope may be crash prone)\nSniper Rifle\nRail Gun \nBig Sniper (reload sound is missing)\nModded Plasma grenades and more landmines\n\nVehicles\nSearph\nMarine's Helicopter\nGhostly (V shaped thing)\nTransporter (U shaped thing)\nATV from Bacon's Race Track\nBOOM turret\n\nAI\n343 Guilty Spark\n\nScenery\nNONE\n\nDownload link:\n