Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 363: MASK_INSANE

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is MASK_INSANE\nThe Map was made by: CABOOSE2 AKA caboose365\n\nDescription: A Mask variant LOADED with so many weapons you ll go INSANE!\n\nGame types: I only tested slayer, sorry. others may not work\n\nWeapons\nDual TM-14 \nak 47 \nHalo 3 Battle Rifle \nBenelli Shotgun \nBrute shot \nC4 (hidden) \nColt 1911 \nDuel Magnum \nFlak Cannon \nGernades \nH2 rocket launcher \nHalo 3 assult rifle \nHalo 3 pistol \nKG9 \nI82 \nM14 \nM16 \nM60 \nM600 \nMa2b Assult Rifle \nMagnum \nMM-hkusp-H (usp) \nMM-ma2dar \nmp5ks \nmsg 90 \nMx8 Rifle (human) \nP90 \nP226 \nplasma and SMG dual \nRailgun \nSMACH \nSMG \nturret gun (UMT) \nM12 Chaingun \nWalther PPK \nDesert eagle .50 \nNEWER WEAPON: L85 \n\nVehicles\nMongoose ATV \nTranshog \nRAVhog \nDoozy (halo 2 cutting room floor) \nBULLDOG (spawn) \nPELICAN (spawn)\n\nAI\nNONE\n\nScenery\nSame as the original\n\nDownload link:\n