Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 367: north_terrains

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is north_terrains\nThe Map was made by: JEPRâ„¢\n\nDescription: A large multi-canyon level\n\nGame types: All work\n\nWeapons\nHalo 2 Bruteshot\nHalo 1 Pistol\nModded Halo 1 Assault Rifle - Has a BIG clip\nHalo 1 Plasma Pistol\nHalo 2 Covenant Carbine\nHalo 1 Plasma Rifle\nHalo 1 Fuel rod gun\nModded Halo 1 Needler (BIG clip) \nHalo 2 Brute Plasma Rifle\nHalo 2 Covenant Carbine\nModded Halo 1 Flamethrower (Shoots assualt rifle rounds?)\nHalo 1 Shotgun\nHalo 1 Rocket Launcher\nExtinction Assault Rifle\nModded Halo 1 Sniper Rifle (BIG clips)\n3 super weapons hidden in the map (find them yourself! lol)\n\nVehicles\nHalo 2 Bulldog (cant drive)\nHalo 2 Spectre with speed boost\nBudder Ghost (gold ghost) SkyDoesMinecraft will go NUTS!\nShade\nClassic Ghost\nWraith \nCovenant Gun Tower\nBanshee\nY ghost\nM12 Warthog\nM12A2 Warthog\nHalo 2 M12G1 Warthog with a buggy horn\nM808 Scorpion\n\nAI\nNONE\n\nScenery\nSome scenery From PipeDream\n\nDownload link:\n