Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 379: modservatory

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is modservatory\nThe Map was made by: Mark Galesic\n\nDescription: A Observatory Variant\n\nGame types: I only tested slayer\n\nWeapons\nSniper Rifle\nBig Sniper\nBrenelli Shotgun\nPortable M12 Warthog Turret\nCrappy Battle Rifle\nFrag and Plasma Grenades\nShotgun\nFlameThrower\nRocket Launcher\nStumper Rifle\n\nVehicles\nModded Wasp: Rate of fire has been reduced\n\"Scoprion\": I forgot this vehicle's name and am too lazy to look it up now\nM12A2 Warthog\nHalo 2 M12G1 Warthog: Cold Snap?\nM808 Scoprion\n\nAI\nNONE\n\nScenery\nClassic Halo Scenery\n\nDownload link:\n