Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 388: soli_deo_gloria

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is soli_deo_gloria\nThe Map was made by: MMFSdjw \n\nDescription: Two bases mounted in the sides of large hilly canyon with sniper points and heavy weapon and tank positions. Multiple teleporter points make it easier to cross the canyon floor on foot\n\nGame types: Only Tested Slayer\n\nWeapons:\nShotgun\nPlasma Pistol\nFrag and Plasma Grenades\nAssault Rifle\nSniper Rifle\nPlasma Rifle\nPistol\nRocket Launcher\n\nVehicles\nM808 Scorpion\nBanshee\nGhost\nM12A2 Warthog\nM12 Warthog\n\nAI\nNONE\n\nScenery\nClassic Halo Scenery\nHalo 2 Teleporters\n\nDownload link:\n