Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 389: covevmarinebeta2

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
BREAKING NEWS: Halomaps has fixed their video page and you can now upload halo ce videos to Halomaps again.\n\nThis video has been uploaded and unlisted since 2014... Untill now\n\nToday's map is covevmarinebeta2\nThe Map was made by: GrantLS\n\nDescription: A bloodgulch variant with Marine and Covenant AI bots, play as covenant elite\n\nGame types: Any game type EXCEPT slayer and race work. HOWEVER I tested slayer and for me it seems to work fine other then spawning in the enemy base a lot. Race Generated an Exception error.\n\nWeapons\nBrute plasma grenade rifle - fires plasma grenades at a scary rate, has infinite ammo! Caution, Corrupt firing sound.\nMinigun Needler launches exactly 60 needles a second at a foe, has infinite ammo!\nUltimate Elite Plasma Rifle (Has extremely accurate fast firing Plasma bolts and also has a fuel rod secondary fire, has infinite ammo!\nNeedler\nPlasma Rifle\nPlasma Pistol\nFuel Rod Gun\nAssault Rifle\nFrag and Plasma Grenades\n\nVehicles\nWraith - Can be destroyed\nShade - Rate of fire is faster\nSpecter - Has Speed Boost\nSUPER BANSHEE - Shoots Plasma Grenades and fuel rods, lots faster\nGhost - Shoots Plasma Grenades\n\nAI\nSpecial Opps Grunts\nGrunt Major\nElite Major\nElite minor\nJackals\nmarines\nUltimate MK3 Elite\n\nScenery\nSame as Original with Covie scenery added\n\nDownload link:\n