How to Install Halo CE SPv3

Author: AngelClasico
DOWNLOAD LINK: this video I will be guiding you on how to install Halo CE SPv3 mod which if steps are followed correctly it's pretty easy to do. This is the first time I used my voice in a video simply because I was too lazy to write out instructions. If you need any more help or run into a problem feel free to leave a comment\nunlike in my Halo 2 video I will actually be replying trying to help.\n\n\nWritten instructions:\n\n1. Run the Halo CE installer, and enter your CD Key when prompted.\n\n2. Copy the Halo CE 1.10 patch to your desktop, and run it.\n\n3. Run the Open Sauce 4.0 installer. Hit next through the whole thing, unless you have Halo CE installed elsewhere than your C:\\ drive.\nIf you have an error message saying it failed, make sure you have the latest .NET Framework via Windows Update. \n\n3a. If you already have an older version of Open Sauce installed, uninstall it before installing version 4.0. You should be able to find \nOpen Sauce in the Programs & Features listing in the Windows Control Panel. You can also uninstall Open Sauce by re-downloading the old \ninstaller for your current version. If you have played our previous release from the past year (The Silent Cartographer Evolved), there\nis no need to do this.\n\n4. Take the folder \"Halo Custom Edition\" and place the files in it into the \"Halo Custom Edition\" folder located in \n\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Games. It will ask you if you want to overwrite existing files, hit Yes. \n\n5. Launch the game, go to settings and configure your controller if you chose to use it, and video settings. How to get your controller \nworking can be found here: . Go to Campaign, CMT Projects, Singleplayer V3 and select Pillar of Autumn.\n\n7. At any\ntime when player, hit F7 and change your FOV. We suggest 85, but we support up to 100.\n\nWebsite: :