Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 398: plasma_skies

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Today's map is plasma_skies\nThe Map was made by: Banshee Ace 2\n\nDescription: An open area with two floating bases and modified Banshees designed for arial battles\n\nGame types: Only Tested Slayer & CTF. Other game types not tested\n\nWeapons\nRocket Launcher\nCustom \"Rocket Launcher\": Shoots plasma grenades?\nDojo Energy Sword\nNeedler Staff Thing\nChronoscepter\nNeedle Grenades\n??? Grenade with a bright flare.\n\nVehicles\nModified Banshiees: WOW!\n\nAI\nNone\n\nScenery Floating Bases\n\nDownload link:\n