Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 400 (Revised): RPG_Beta7

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
Note: I edited the episode as the logo used when I made this episode back in 2013 felt kinda cringy-ish now, Also added an end screen. Video/audio quality might be worse than normal as a result\n\nToday's map is RPG_Beta7\nThe Map was made by: OpsY\n\nDescription: Lots of fun in space, new vehicles, new weapons and ship-to-ship action!\n\nGame types: Roll Playing games Only. Not for Muti-player Combat\n\nWeapons (I'm too lazy to list which halo version the weapons are from aside from the halo 1 weapons)\nUNSC Push plate\nPistol\nAssault Rifle\nSilenced Pistol\nTactile Battle Rifle\nHalo 1 Sniper Rifle\nHalo 1 Shotgun\nFrag And Plasma Grenades (plasma can be acquired by infinite grenades only)\nHealth Kit with Halo 1 Pistol\nHalo 1 Pistol (can only be acquired through the health Kit)\nSilenced SMG\n\nVehicles\nSparrow Hawk\nArctic Sparrow Hawk (no weapons)\nPelican\nBeetle Jetpack \nCitadel Of Quebec Turrets\nRemote Defense Satellite (warthog)\nCovenant Phantom (sounds like a spirit)\nShade \nCafeteria Table (you can actually sit and eat)\n\nAI\nNone\n\nScenery\nRed Alert Mode\nCall Airstrike\nDeploy Spirit Drop ships\nFire the Mack cannon\n\nDownload link:\n Me on Twitter: : Art: forums: