Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 401: h3pelitest

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
IMPORTANT: After Episode 413, ALL future Halo Map Episodes will be uploaded to a new channel dedicated just for Halo Custom Edition Maps which you can find here (It is currently a WIP and a long way from being ready to officially launch): : Map is exception prone, play at your own risk.\n\nToday's map is h3pelitest\nThe Map was made by: Banshee Friend/Ptowery\n\nDescription: This Map is not Intended for Play. It Contains Several Unfinished Tags, Such as the Halo 3 Pelican Tag.\n\nGame types: None recommended but slayer works, others generate exceptions. Recommended for Dev Testing and Tag Ripping only.\n\nWeapons\nPlasma Rifle\nPistol\nFrag and Plasma Grenades\nShotgun\nAssault Rifle\nSniper Rifle\nFlamethrower\nPlasma Pistol\nNeedler\nFuel Rod Gun\nRocket Launcher\n\nVehicles\nHalo 3 Pelican\nHalo 3 Pelican Armed\nHalo 2 Pelican (Unfinished Rig)\nHalo 3 Pelican (Experimental Shaders) \nDrone Test (Very Exception Prone!!!)\n\nAI\nNONE\n\nScenery\nNONE\n\nDownload link:\n