Halo Custom Edition Maps Episode 407: Fly Gulch

Author: Tape_City/MineCraft Transit Athority
NOTE: only the M12A2 warthog flys, also there is an editing mistake in the movie (unexpected sound byte)\n\nNew Job Starts Monday...\n\nAfter episode 413, New halo maps episodes will be uploaded here: 's map is Fly Gulch\nThe Map was made by: CptFuzzies\n\nDescription: A Bloodgulch variant where Rocket Warthogs fly\n\nGame types: All should work\n\nWeapons:\nSniper Rifle\nPlasma Pistol\nPistol\nFrag and Plasma Grenades\nPlasma Rifle\nShotgun\nAssault Rifle\nFuel Rod Gun\nRocket Launcher\nFlamethrower\n\nVehicles\nGhost\nBanshee\nM12 Warthog\nM808 Scorpion\nM12A2 Flying Warthog\n\nAI\nNone\n\nScenery\nNone\n\nDownload link:\n