Halo Custom Edition SinglePlayer Maptacular - Area 53

Author: AytonHunter
In this new series I visit the FPS legend that is Halo, except with a twist!\n\nWe'll be playing Halo: Custom Edtion, a modified version of Halo PC which allows for custom maps and interesting singleplayer campaigns or levels!\n\nTo start us off we take a look at the series of maps created by Eric Lamuthe, known only as the 'Area 50-Something\" series!\n\nThis time, Area 53, starts you off as a prisoner who is soon to be executed. Through your daring escape, you encounter crazy things such as rapid-firing, crazy ass Spartans to witnessing the pre-historic wonders of the dinosaurs!\n\nIf you have Halo: Custom Edition you can download the map here:\n Credit\nMotherGoat - Unyielding\n\nThanks for watching and enjoy!