Halo Custom Edition Map Review #7: Snowtorn Infestation

Author: Juls
▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼ OPEN & READ ▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼\nI lose some frames here and there. Just a warning.\nIn this irritating ass single player map with the shittiest checkpoints and most utterly stupid death barriers, we play as a random spartan in what looks to be a mix of the OG Halo CE mission Two Betrayals and a night version of Multiplayer Map Ice Fields mashed together with a bunch of custom architecture, tags, new character and weapon bipeds and some sound tags. We also get a little but of in-game dialogue pulled from The Silent Cartographer and Assault on the Control Room. Apparently, this map was only part one. Will I ever do a part two? Not if it tilts me as much as this mission did. 3.5/10.\nNow I'm not trying to exaggerate any hate for the map. It has great potential, but the lack of checkpoint placement and terrible, warning-less death barriers made this mission a bit annoying. Crosshairs and scopes for certain weapons were also missing. Other than these things, the mission is fairly decent, and the story/flow seems alright as well, though less cutscene cuts would be nicer. Download link and author's Description can be found below:\n\nMap Name: Snowtorn Infestation\nDownload Link: : FLASH\nAuthor's Description:\nBased on Schwinnz snowtorn cove. \n\nStory: While the great schism takes place. A canyon occupied by the covenant somewhere on delta halo has been recaptured by the elites from the brutes. led by the arbiter and Rtas 'Vadum with the help of some grunts and jackhals that betrayed the brutes. the map takes place on Schwinnz snowtorn cove. the humans must capture this canyon, a second sacred icon is under this canyon and the humans must get it before the covenant separists know about this key. since the humans still expect them to activate halo. 3 squads containing spartans and odst's are sent to capture the left side the right and the center of the canyon. You play as spartan. your objective is to reinforce the center together with the right side, since the center is the most concentrated area of the covenant. but the flood is in this canyon to but perseud to the bases by the covenant separists. thats where you come in. you need to clear the base and barricade it. \n\nThe map isnt finnshed yet but i lost interest working on it. So i decided to release it unfinnshed. The map should actualy be longer, since its surprisingly short. \nMost bugs since the beta have been fixed. The map is also longer then the beta, but still short. The cutscenes are also not completely finnished they still have some bugs and scripting issues. \nA second part will follow.\n\nConnect with me!\n🕊️Twitter🕊️: : : : to support me here: #Halomaps #HCE