Halo CE - Lumoria A Highlights [HD]

Author: StormUndBlackbird
Lumoria A is indeed Lumoria Episode 1, but even better! Now by the words of KouD3Graw, I have made the highlights of changes, that I have seen and noticed. Be prepared for episode 2 though, cause it'll be really long ;-) Author: TM Mapping Team

Download: Additional audio was provided by the map maker into his/their map. Lumoria Full Campaign with UI: To get this map started, open dev-mode and run Halo CE. In the menu, type ~ or ^ (for EU keyboards) and type in:
map_name(space)(name of the map in your map folder or list)
map_name lumoria_a Or, you can just use the UI to start the map as easy as forcing diarrhea out of your fingertips.